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DAAS Core Values

Promote Positivity

As we heal the hearts and minds of our valued clients, DAAS seeks to lift the stigma surrounding depression, anxiety, addiction and other behavioral disorders, empowering people on their path toward wellness

Improve Access

In addition to expanding our world-class therapy services, one of our goals is to eliminate barriers to mental healthcare, whether those obstacles are financial, cultural or other hurdles

Celebrate Community

In a show of loyalty and deference to the diverse communities of Rockland County, our multicultural staff accommodates clients from all backgrounds, delivering services in both English and Yiddish

We know it takes a collaborative effort to keep clients out of the hospital and on a direct path toward recovery. That’s why our multidisciplinary care team crafts a special treatment program for every unique individual, catering to their specific needs while mobilizing all available resources as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

When you put your trust in us, we get you started on the right foot with a comprehensive evaluation. Then, the DAAS team coordinator will work to connect you, your family, caseworkers, doctors, hospital liaisons, and our skilled psychotherapists.

Sometimes, it takes a village

If you experience a severe mental health crisis, going to the emergency room is not the only option. Our caring, experienced team does everything in their power to keep you out of the hospital unless absolutely necessary, providing 24-hour mobile crisis response, phone support and walk-in availability

Find calm after the storm

Seeking help is the most important step, but what happens after treatment? To keep your entire family unit strong, DAAS Wellness also offers counseling for spouses, parents, children and families

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