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Close the door to the past

Step into a bright, promising future with our professional health support programs

Close the door to the past

Step into a bright, promising future with our professional health support programs

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Psychotherapy Programs

Medication Management

Substance Abuse Counseling

24-Hour Mental Health Crisis Response Team

The next chapter doesn’t start—

until you turn the page

Mental illness and addiction do not discriminate. People of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds face these debilitating challenges, and DAAS Wellness makes it our heartfelt mission to help every individual get the support they need to enjoy a happy, healthy life.

Our multidisciplinary team serves with universal respect and cultural sensitivity, delivering custom treatment plans that are both accessible and cost-effective for families in our local communities. Whatever the nature of your crisis, there’s always an answer at DAAS.

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Weekly Psychotherapy Track

For routine therapy and comprehensive medication management, DAAS delivers custom programs with flexible scheduling options including evening and weekend appointments. Turn to our English- and Yiddish-speaking providers for friendly, dependable support throughout your journey

Medication-only Track

After meeting clinical criteria, work with a multilingual prescriber who can procure medications without the need for traditional weekly therapy

Substance Abuse Track

Whether you’re maintaining your sobriety or seeking help for the first time, DAAS has licensed addiction therapists on staff and ready to intervene. Clients come to our offices for drug and alcohol counseling, Suboxone treatment, and referrals to the best inpatient and detox facilities

Crisis Care Services

If you experience a severe mental health crisis, going to the emergency room is not the only option. Our caring, experienced team does everything in their power to keep you out of the hospital unless absolutely necessary, providing 24-hour mobile crisis response, phone support and walk-in availability

Why Daas?

Walk-in appointments always available

Professional services in a warm environment

Medicaid, Medicare & commercial insurances accepted

In-home psychotherapy available when clinically approved

Culturally sensitive community care team

Endorsed by local Rabonnim

295 W. Route 59 
Spring Valley, NY 10977

11 Harmony Road
Spring Valley, NY 10977

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